Energy Audit - 3000 Square Feet or Less

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If your home has asbestos, mold, vermiculite, or any other severe hazards present please contact us via the contact form on the home page or contact page or email us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us @ 410-282-1422 before purchasing, we perform a negative pressure test which measures the air leakage of your home which may disturb these hazards. By purchasing you are certifying that your home is 3000 Square Feet or less, including the basement if this is a conditioned/heated area.


Direct‐install  measures  are  offered  through  BGE’s  Home  Performance  with  ENERGY  STAR  Program  at  no  additional  cost  to  eligible  customers. 

The following

measures are available for selection:


Energy‐Efficient Light Bulbs — CFLs use 75% less energy 
and last up to 10 times longer than traditional 
incandescent bulbs. An LED lasts even longer.


Efficient‐Flow Showerheads — Program‐approved, efficient‐
flow showerheads use up to 40% less water than a 
standard showerhead, which uses 2.5 gallons per minute.
You’ll also use less energy to heat every shower.*

Low Flow Showerhead

Smart Strip — Average household standby energy
consumption can account for 5%–10% of total electricity use.
Smart strips automatically turn off the flow of electricity to
products that go into standby mode and shut down other
peripheral devices (like printers or speakers) when not in use.

Smart Strip

Pipe Insulation — Insulated pipes reduce heat loss and can help
you conserve water, since you don’t have to wait as long for hot
water to come out of the faucet.*

Pipe Wrap Insulation


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Energy audits can provide detailed information on energy retrofits that are cost effective or that give a direct payback on the investments that are made in the retrofits. 877.NRG.SAVI(ngs) or 410-(282)-(1422)

Up to $ 2000.00 in rebates available from BGE for attic insulation & air sealing, check your eligibility today, or purchase your Energy Audit now by selecting the top menu item "Buy Energy Audit", or click this link & using our self service PayPal system, you can pay & signup now!


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